Publication Guidelines

Our newsletter is published monthly on the website of the Seattle Chapter of the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance to serve its members’ interests. If you have news or an article you would like published, please contact [email protected]. The deadline for next month’s newsletter is the night of the dinner meeting.

Requests for items to be posted to the AFWA Seattle Chapter calendar should be directed to [email protected].

We try to limit the number of emails that we send to the membership to no more than one extra email per month in addition to the monthly dinner meeting announcement.  Requests for special emails should be made to the Director of Communications (under Officers on the Contacts page).  The text of your desired email must be provided along with references to Calendar items or online flyers where applicable.  We can not send attachments to the membership.

General guidelines: All items must be sent via email. All text and articles must be spell-checked, proofread for grammar and accuracy, and be ready for publishing.

Newsletter, email, and calendar items should be in plain text with no formatting other than paragraphs and titles. Please view current calendar entries for guidance. If the amount of information is short, you may include it in the body of your email instead of attaching a file. Be sure to include contact information, but keep privacy issues in mind, and use alias email addresses whenever possible for your protection.

If you want to post a complete document, flyer or form which viewers can download and print, you may submit a PDF document, or a Word document which we will convert to PDF. You must also supply a newsletter article or a calendar item which includes text which we will use to set up the link to your PDF file (example: “click here for …”).  Please use the current approved Seattle/National logo, either in color or black & white.  Send an email request to technology@ to obtain the .jpg files.

Keep in mind that your information will become a public document on the World Wide Web, representing AFWA Seattle, or, in the case of emails, will be sent to 100+ Seattle members.  Personal email addresses should not be published to the web site and all email addresses must be disguised (written out) so they can’t be stolen.  Please use AFWA aliases or refer to the Contacts page.