Web Site & Tech Committee FAQs

AFWA Seattle Technology Committee – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where do I send a flyer, article, or brochure for posting to the AFWA Seattle web site?

Please send all website posting requests to [email protected].  Typically this is Calendar entries, seminar registration fliers, as well as regular features such as President’s Message and Speaker Highlights.  Most articles are published on The Journal newsletter page, and should be sent to [email protected]. This will be received by both the Journal editor and the Website editor, who will post the article immediately on the web site.

Remember that to have a Journal article appear in the monthly email Journal sent to members, you must make the request before each deadline.  The Journal deadline is the Friday after each dinner meeting.

2.  In what format do you want the files?

Generally, you may submit a word-processed document.   It needs to be fully written, edited, and proof-read before submission, and attached to a transmittal email which explains where you want it.  If it’s very short and/or simple, the text can be part of the email.   Articles for the Journal should not be overly formatted (just a title and paragraphs).

Registrations fliers should be fully-formatted, as they will be converted as-is to PDF, for downloading and printing.   More about this in #3.

Tell us if there are any links in your article (eg: to an email address, or to a web page).

3.  What if I have an Event which needs a link in the Calendar?

For the most effective presentation, you should first navigate the website and think about how you want to present your event.   Do this well ahead of time and confer with us if needed!

Calendar requests are sent to [email protected].  Review the Calendar for formatting examples, and give us the text and info for your listing.  You will probably want a link to a Newsletter article which has more information, but your Calendar listing alone can (and should) be posted well ahead of time even if not yet linked to anything else.

If your event requires registration, your registration brochure must be fully designed, typically using Word.  We will convert it to PDF and upload it to the web site so that it can be linked to your Journal article and/or your Calendar listing.  There are various ways to do this – see other Calendar entries for examples.

4.  I would like to include my announcement in an email to all members – how do I request this?

Email requests are sent to [email protected].   The member email list is only available for use by the Technology Committee, at the request of Board members.  Our policy is to try to minimize the number of emails we send to our members.  We generally reserve special emails for registration events, such as CPE and conferences.

However, you may use the monthly dinner meeting email for your special announcement.  The deadline for requesting an announcement inserted into the monthly email is on the Thursday morning which is 13 days before each dinner meeting (normally the Thursday morning after the Board meeting).

5.  Please explain email aliases.

Our web host has given us the ability to assign email addresses to our various officer and committee positions so that our members don’t have to remember who to send an email to.  For example, anyone wanting to reach the President doesn’t have to find out the current President’s email address.  If the President has home and work addresses, the member doesn’t have to worry about which one to send to.  The person can just send an email to p[email protected].

This address is called an alias, because there is no actual email box for the President.  Any mail sent to [email protected] is automatically forwarded to the current President’s real email address – or addresses if desired – and to anyone else as requested (ie: Pres-Elect is typically also under this alias).

Committees with more than one member can choose to have any or all of the email addresses for their members under the one committee alias.

Vice Presidents can choose to have copies of mail forwarded to them for certain of their committees, all of their committees, or none of their committees.

Obviously, the system very flexible!  It has the additional advantages of protecting the real email addresses of our people, without requiring them to use another email system.

The forwarding addresses for our aliases are managed and updated by the Technology committee, so if you want someone to be included under any alias send email to [email protected] with the address(es).  For changes, corrections, or removals, please be sure to give us the email address that needs to be deleted.

6.  When do I contact [email protected] vs. [email protected]?

Currently, emails sent to either address reach all members of the committee, but we respond to requests based on which address is used:

  • Articles and dinner meeting information sent to “journal” will be posted to the online News and Events page, and to the Constant Contact email newsletter
  • Non-Journal items can be sent to “website”
  • Calendar requests can be sent to “website”
  • Alias requests can be sent to “technology”
  • Technical problems, questions, or request for enhancements can be sent to “technology”,